What is Ability Focus?

At Ability Focus, we help organisations to create a more diverse and inclusive workplace. We provide comprehensive employment and support strategies to make companies disability confident.

Our mission is to enhance the confidence of businesses, human resource and talent acquisition teams to offer greater customer service, employment and promotion opportunities to people with disabilities.

Through our training service, we provide tailored Disability Awareness training to organisations both in the public and private sectors.

Our consultancy service provides supported employment advice and change management supports for employees with disabilities. We assist with recruitment campaigns to ensure fully inclusive hiring practices.

At Ability Focus, we believe no one should be disabled by the workplace.

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Ability Focus Services

We believe information is the key to reducing the workplace disability knowledge gap for businesses, human resource professionals and recruitment teams.

Through our training service, we offer several Disability Awareness training programmes. Each programme is tailored as per client requirements and offered on a full or half day basis. We train on site or remotely via our online training platform.

We also offer consultancy advice to organisations who require assistance with change management, recruitment and employment support.

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Latest News

Disability Employment Supports - Every little helps!

A new government & a cabinet seat for disability.

Here at Ability Focus, we wholeheartedly welcome the inclusion of disability in the newly restructured 'Department of Children, Disability, Equality and Integration'. This is a most significant step, continuing the upward trend of rights recognition for people with disabilities in Ireland.

Disability Employment Supports - Every little helps!

Benefits of Disability Inclusion in the workplace.

While inclusion of people with disabilities in Irish workplaces is obviously the right thing to do, employers, human resource and talent acquisition teams must change this narrative and start taking the view that employment of this untapped talent pool is much more than an exercise in Corporate Social Responsibility.

Did you know more than 1 in 7 people in Ireland has a disability?

While the Irish economy is nearing full employment, it is estimated that less than 31% of people with a disability are employed. This is less than half of those without a disability who are working. We believe that by increasing the knowledge and confidence of employers, businesses can break down barriers and create genuine, inclusive opportunities for talented people with disabilities.

At Ability Focus, we aim to make organisations disability confident.

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