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What is Ability Focus?

Ability Focus is a specialised disability employment consultancy which draws upon fifteen years' experience in the recruitment and supported employment sectors. It was established with a view to addressing the knowledge gap around disability employment which currently exists in Ireland.

We offer training, support and advice for businesses around all aspects of disability employment. This includes reasonable accommodations, effective communication, anti-discrimination practices, assistive technologies, relevant legislation and work from home supports. We also support organisations with change management in times of enforced closure, extended absence and return to work procedures.

Ability Focus Disability Employment Specialists

We provide tailored Disability Awareness training, recruitment assistance, supported employment advice and disability change management supports for:

• Organisations with front line staff who deal with the public on a daily basis.
• Organisations who have staff members with a disability.
• Organisations who have staff members who have recently acquired a disability.
• Human resource and talent acquisition teams.
• Line managers.
• Recruitment agencies.
• Public service bodies.
• Access teams.

Disability Awareness training can be completed on site or online via our remote training platform. Please see the Services section for further details of our remote Disability Awareness training programme.

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Ability Focus Disability Employment Specialists