CPD Accreditation & IITD Endorsement

CPD Accreditation

Ability Focus is a recognised CPD accredited training provider and a member of the leading independent CPD organisation in Ireland and the UK - The CPD Certification Service. Our Live Online Disability Awareness Training Programme is the first programme of its kind in Ireland to be accredited, having passed the rigorous academic review process implemented by the CPD Certification Service Assessment Team.

All who attend our disability awareness training programmes will be participating in training which is both certified and accredited. For members of professional networks requiring CPD credits/points, attendance at our Live Online Disability Awareness Training can be considered towards your yearly credit total.

All participants who register the programme for CPD credits will receive a CPD Certificate. All other participants will receive accredited certification on request.

CPD Accreditation

Programme Endorsement Award

Programme Endorsement Award

The Irish Institute of Training & Development (IITD), founded in 1969, is the non-profit professional body representing the Learning & Development profession in Ireland. Leading the learning & development profession, the IITD encourages excellence to develop both organisations and individuals in driving best practice standards. Over 2,000 IITD members work in business, industry, consultancy, voluntary, community, education and the public sector.

IITD Endorsement Awards

The purpose of the IITD Endorsement Awards is to provide professional body recognition and validation for programmes and development initiatives which demonstrate excellence, best practice and innovation in the field of learning & development.

To secure IITD endorsement, programmes must adhere to strict criterion, demonstrating market leading innovation and in-depth knowledge of the relevant subject while ensuring an exceptional learning experience for participants.

Programmes are comprehensively reviewed by the IITD and formally confirmed by the IITD Academic Director.

Live Online (Remote) Disability Awareness Training Programme

In 2020, having completed a comprehensive delivery of the Live Online (Remote) Disability Awareness Training Programme to organisations in the public and private sector, Ability Focus received an Endorsement Award from the IITD.

External endorsement of this course and professional body validation distinguishes this training programme as a market leading initiative.

This is the only Live Online Disability Awareness Training Programme in Ireland to have external professional body endorsement.

IITD Logo Endorsed Awards

Statement of Endorsement from the IITD:

'IITD, as the professional body for learning and development in Ireland, is delighted to endorse the Ability Focus 'Remote Disability Awareness Training Programme'. The strength of the approach to building this programme demonstrates excellence, best practice and innovation in the development of disability awareness training.

The inclusion of an innovative delivery methodology through the live online training platform, demonstrates a contemporary and skilled approach to delivering this disability awareness programme. This industry leading programme includes peer learning, knowledge sharing, and a professional presentation style which will successfully support participants to increase overall awareness of disability.

We are confident that on successful completion of this programme participants will demonstrate a greater understanding of key topics relating to effective disability awareness.'

Irish Institute of Training & Development (IITD)
August 2020

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