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Broadcasting Authority of Ireland

Broadcasting Authority of Ireland

For week 6 in our Client Profile Series we profile another client whose commitment to disability inclusion really stood out to us - The Broadcasting Authority of Ireland.

Screen Skills Ireland, Animation Skillnet and Animation Ireland

Screen Skills Ireland, Animation Skillnet & Animation Ireland

Screen Skills Ireland is the skills development unit within Screen Ireland, the national development agency for the creative screen industry.

Bank of Ireland

Client Profile: Bank of Ireland

When it comes to truly embracing a commitment to disability inclusion, Bank of Ireland certainly is regarded by many as a leader in this area.

Client Profile: The Department of Housing, Local Government & Heritage

The Department of Housing, Local Government & Heritage

The Department of Housing, Local Government & Heritage is the department whose role is to ensure the effective planning of well-planned homes & support effective local government.

Client Profile: The Legal Aid Board

Client Profile: The Legal Aid Board

We profile another organisation who have really embraced disability inclusion in 2020: The Legal Aid Board. The Legal Aid Board is a statutory body which provides legal aid/advice in civil law matters.

National Concert Hall

Client Profile: National Concert Hall

We probably don't spend enough time on our news items, and should have started this quite some time ago, but we will be profiling organisations we have really enjoyed working with this year

Disability Employment Supports - Every little helps!

Creating a society of 'us and them' during a worldwide pandemic

With the government's latest announcement, once again we slip into the categorisation of society. Young people, elderly people, transport users, office workers, pub owners, school children.

Disability Employment Supports - Every little helps!

36% of all Employment Equality queries to IHREC were disability related in 2019.

The Irish Human Rights & Equality Commission have published their Annual Report for 2019. The report makes for interesting reading when looking at the statistics relating to disability.

Disability Employment Supports - Every little helps!

A new government & a cabinet seat for disability.

Here at Ability Focus, we wholeheartedly welcome the inclusion of disability in the newly restructured 'Department of Children, Disability, Equality and Integration'. This is a most significant step, continuing the upward trend of rights recognition for people with disabilities in Ireland.

Disability Employment Supports - Every little helps!

Benefits of Disability Inclusion in the workplace.

While inclusion of people with disabilities in Irish workplaces is obviously the right thing to do, employers, human resource and talent acquisition teams must change this narrative and start taking the view that employment of this untapped talent pool is much more than an exercise in Corporate Social Responsibility.

Disability Employment Supports - Every little helps!

Disability Employment Supports - Every little helps!

Since Ability Focus offered our free services through Linkedin, email and other platforms a number of weeks ago, we have been working with several organisations to assist them and their staff members with disabilities with change management during this incredibly difficult time.

Remote Disability Awareness Training Programme

Barriers to Employment for People with Disabilities.

There are many barriers faced by people with disabilities when seeking employment. According to the social model of disability, disability is caused by the way society is organised, rather than focusing on someone's impairments/differences, while current employment practices enable most, they certainly disable others.

Remote Disability Awareness Training Programme

Remote Disability Awareness Training Programme.

Ability Focus are delighted to announce the launch of our Remote Disability Awareness Training Programme. Remote or online Disability Awareness training is when the trainer facilitates a training session with a dispersed workforce who are at a number of different locations.

Disability, deserted streets and dismissive language.

Disability, deserted streets and dismissive language.

This will all be over, eventually. Life will return to whatever the new normal will be. Those of us tasked with working from home will return to the office. The cafes, restaurants and bars will reopen. The barbers will have queues of young lads outside waiting to get their first 'fade out' in weeks.

Coronavirus - Disability inclusion in protecting the most vulnerable.

Coronavirus - Disability inclusion in protecting the vulnerable.

The irony of us all having to pull together by staying apart is not lost on the majority of the Irish people. We are a small country that thrives on physical, social and emotional contact. But government instruction and medical advice requests us all to keep a little distance, just for a little while at least.

Gavel in a courtroom setting

Disability and the Workplace Relations Commission

As Development Manager with North Leinster Citizens Information Service I acted as an Advocacy Case Manager where I was lucky enough to manage a fantastic team. With the assistance of Advocacy Support Workers, these dedicated Officers engaged in complex advocacy for Citizens Information clients.

Seedling growing out of pot

Disability Employment & The Wage Subsidy Scheme

For over 9 years I worked with EmployAbility Service, Ireland's national employment provider for people with disabilities. In this time, I worked both as Employment Facilitator and Company Coordinator and had the opportunity to work in rural & urban settings with employers from a variety of backgrounds.

Office Workers looking at camera

Why is Disability Awareness Training important?

Over the course of the coming weeks, I will write a number of brief articles referencing the importance as well as benefits to society of increasing knowledge around greater disability awareness. Disability Awareness Training is a key tool for organisations in increasing their knowledge base around disabilities.

Group of office workers smiling at camera including wheelchair user

Disability Awareness Support Scheme

Continuing with the focus on the importance of Disability Awareness training for organisations, The Disability Awareness Support Scheme (DASS) is a scheme whereby private sector employers that provide disability awareness training for staff can apply for a grant which can cover 90% of the cost of the training.

Workers in factory standing with arms folded

Benefits to Disability Awareness Training

While a good training programme should obviously result in greater overall awareness from business owners, line management, human resource teams and general staff when it comes to engaging disabled people, there are other, more specific benefits which will be looked at here.

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